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Important Viewing Information

Studio North West tv content is delivered in HD 720p encoded at 2kbps only. Whilst we appreciate that for visitors on poor connections it may not produce instant viewing, the concept is to deliver HD content to a TV connected to a computer or set-top box. If you are on a poor connection (under 3mbs) you can just let the video load and it will play eventually. At this time we cannot offer different resolutions for different connections as were are not Youtube or Vimeo, but a local online broadcaster.
We hope you can understand that we only want to deliver the best possible content quality with the average Irish connection.
Studio North West tv are always interested to hear from viewers about the type of program they would like to see covered. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.
All the best
The Studio North West tv Team.
Johnny, Chloe and Patrick